Divorce & Money - 20 CPE hours (TAX412)

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Major financial decisions are often overwhelming, but they can feel downright impossible when you’re in the midst of a divorce. Turn to Divorce & Money, the acclaimed guide that translates complex financial concepts into plain language. Learn to divide assets during your divorce and avoid making financial mistakes that could affect you for the rest of your life. Create a cash flow statement using your income and expenses.Learn how to uncover your spouse’s financial information.Determine the value of real estate, retirement accounts, and other assets.Decide whether to keep or sell the house.Understand how child support and alimony are calculated.Divide your property and debts fairly.Negotiate a comprehensive settlement.Achieve financial stability after divorce.Learn when and how to talk to a professional (attorney, tax adviser, or appraiser).

All course materials provided
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No prerequisites
Course level: Basic
Instructional Method: Self-Study