Fraud Analytics: Strategies and Methods for Prevention and Detection - 20 CPE Hours (ACC552)

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Proven guidance for expertly using analytics in fraud examinations, financial analysis, auditing and fraud prevention.Fraud Analytics thoroughly reveals the elements of analysis that are used in today's fraud examinations, fraud investigations, and financial crime investigations. This valuable resource reviews the types of analysis that should be considered prior to beginning an investigation and explains how to optimally use data mining techniques to detect fraud. Packed with examples and sample cases illustrating pertinent concepts in practice, this book also explores the two major data analytics providers: ACL and IDEA.

Looks at elements of analysis used in today's fraud examinations. Reveals how to use data mining (fraud analytic) techniques to detect fraud. Examines ACL and IDEA as indispensable tools for fraud detectionIncludes an abundance of sample cases and examples.

No additional testing, grading or certificate fees
No prerequisites
Course level: Basic
Instructional Method: Self-Study

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