The Professionals Guide to Fair Value - 20 CPE hours (ACC245)

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An all-encompassing guide to the elements and basics of fair value. With the important role fair value is playing in the creation of a converged set of global accounting standards, demand for products in this category is growing spectacularly. The elements and basics of fair value are covered, including risk, dealing with the SEC, and details on legal responsibility. In addition, sample financial statements are included, along with tables, recommended applicable techniques, and management checklists for those who are responsible for preparing and approving of financial statements.Written by the Chairman and co-CEO of the International Association of Consultants, Valuators and Analysts (IACVA)Includes sample financial statements of both U.S. and foreign companiesAppropriate for anyone involved professionally with finance—managers, accountants, investors, bankers, instructors, and students--The Professional's Guide to Fair Value is a reliable reference on the ins and outs of fair value financial disclosure.

No additional testing, grading or certificate fees
No prerequisites
Course level: Basic
Instructional Method: Self-Study

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